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Song Playing is "Don't Let It End" by Styx

If I could bring back yesterday
My world would be much different
I would have Jasper back with me
My life would be so much better
He would have turned seventeen his last birthday
Now he's fifteen forever
I would always let him know
How much he means to me
He would be so gloriously happy
And never want for anything
I would tuck him in at night
And sit beside him on his bed
The way I used to do
When he was a little kid
He would have the finest Chevy
That our money could buy
It would have a blaring stereo
That would be turned up way too high
His room would be decorated
With all those rebel things
His heritage is from the South
It meant a lot to him
He could spill ink on his carpet
That seemed like such a big deal
I'd give up anything I had
To be able to ground him again
He never meant any harm
He was just being a kid
All his friends he hung out with
Would be swimming in our pool
We'd even have a barbeque
And maybe let him grill
He'd be out of school
With one or two babes on his arm
I always knew he could be such a charmer
He charmed me all the time
Everything would be so different
I'd tell him I loved him everyday
I wouldn't take him for granted
Though he knew I loved him greatly
He'd have the finest clothes to wear
He certainly would be styling
But then again what am I saying
He always set the fashion
He'd play with Baby Jasper
And take him everywhere
He would even babysit for him
And do it with some flair
He'd have a steady job
And have to get up extra early
He always needed extra cash
And wasn't afraid to work for it
If I could bring back yesterday
My family would be whole
We would all be here together
There wouldn't be that empty void
My world wouldn't be turned upside down
Like it still is today
I wouldn't need to visit his cemetary
To put flowers on his grave
But yesterday is gone
I can't go back, I've tried
I didn't realize the truth
Until it was too late for my son
Jasper has passed away
Through no fault of his own
He'll never be able to make it
Safely back at home
So please do me a favor
Mother and Dads out there
Don't take your child for granted
Let them know you care
This may be your last chance
To give your child a hug
And tell him that you love him
Because tomorrow may never come

Dedicated to my son Jasper
These words come deeply from my heart
I love you son
July, 2000
Another lonesome day without Jasper