I can see Jasper on the day he was born, he was a good baby, a cuddler.  I can see Jasper when he took his first steps, firm and strong, picking himself up when he fell, always with a smile.  I can see Jasper at 2 years old when he made his first friend, it was his teddy bear, he cherished that bear and kept him all his life. When Jasper chose you as a friend, you were a friend for life. I can see Jasper at 4 years old on Halloween, he was a clown, always smiling.    I can see Jasper on his first day of kindergarten, so full of hope and promise, thinking he owned the world, he couldn't wait to grow up. I can see Jasper at 6 years old when he lost his first tooth. The Tooth Fairy left him $1.00, he thought he was rich.  I can see Jasper in the 5th grade, waving the peace sign, showing signs of becoming a leader, always his own man.  I can see Jasper turning 13, always wanting to be older and taller, but still always smiling.  I can see Jasper with his first girlfriend, saying "See Mom, she has red hair just like yours!"  I can see Jasper getting his driver's license, so proud, always with that great big Jasper smile.  I can see Jasper holding his first nephew, Kevin, in his arms for the first time, smiling that big smile, he was always so good with babies. I can see Jasper trying so hard to break away from his Mamas apron strings, believing he was old enough to make his own decisions, saying, "Mom, I love you but I need to be with my friends. I can see Jasper at 15, striving to graduate early from high school, always with a smile.  I can see Jasper eating cereal at the breakfast bar, saying "Bye Mom, I love you", for the last time.  I can see Jasper lying in that blue casket, lifeless; But no, that's not Jasper, that's not my son, he's not smiling.  Please Don't Take My Son Away From Me.

I can see all of those things from my heart, but I can no longer hold my youngest child in my arms or kiss that favorite place I always kiss him at, right beside his beautiful blue eyes.  I will not see him grow into a man. I won't be able to see him shave for the first time or go to the prom or even be able to see him blossom into the wonderful husband and father I know he would have become.  I won't have the opportunity to hold his children, my grandchildren, in my arms.  I can no longer see that wonderful Jasper smile in person that always kept me going. Please Don't Take My Son Away From Me.

Jasper may not be here in the physical sense, but look around, you'll hear him in someone else's laughter.  You'll see the twinkle that was always in his eyes, maybe the two women who were lucky enough to receive his corneas are looking at me and you right now with that same Jasper twinkle in their eyes.  Perhaps Jasper's namesake, Baby Jasper, will have that twinkle in his eyes and please God, let him have that Jasper smile.  You might even see a little of Jasper in your own children or grandchildren.  Just look at their smiles. Jasper was always full of fun and laughter, wanting everybody to love one another and to get along. I hope a little of Jasper's spirit is in all of us, because this would be a better world to live in.   You can't take my son away from me.  He's living in my heart.  Love is stronger than death. I miss you, Jasper. 

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