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Jasper's Homepage
Mom, I'm Not Coming Home
I Never Got to Say Goodbye
Today is my Birthday

Impact Statement from Mr. Brian Womack
A Conversation Between Jasper & His Mom
A Message of Love from Jasper Burns
1st Year Anniversary Eulogy: Drinking & Driving Memorial for M.A.D.D.
Rest Sweet Jasper Rest
Jasper's Big Day
The Knock on My Front Door
Was That Bottle of Tequila Worth It? (Graphic Intense)
Jasper, Little Brother of Mine
I Know How You Feel
Baby Jasper,  A New Beginning
Look Into My Eyes
Before you Drink & Drive 
Suffering in Silence
Graduation Day Finally Came
My Victim Impact Statement
He Wrapped Her Heart Around His Finger "This was read at Jasper's funeral"
3rd Year Anniversary
Please Let Me Go Mom
Jasper's Friends In Heaven
Everyone's Invited
Cloud 99
The Baby Cloud Party
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Cloud 34
Jaspers Two Year Anniversary
If I Could Bring Back Yesterday   
Lessons Learned
1 year and 4 months
A Quick Glimpse
Don't Look Back (A Poem to Jasper)
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Life Was My Friend (Jaspers Song)
By Michael Peace