You always knew how to "Yank my Chain"
I tattled and told Mom you were always to blame.
Then you knew when to "butter me up,"
Bout the same time Mom would proclaim,
"Jasper Wayne, I've had just about enough."
When my friends and I wanted to go out on the town,
You were like my shadow, always hanging around.

When we were younger and I needed a smile and a hug,
You were out catching fireflies, critters and bugs.
When I was sure no one loved me. Who was it that came through?
It was you, Jasper, it was always you.
And where are you now, when my heart is breaking?
You're "hanging out" with our Savior, while with angels you're flying.
I'll bet you have the Saints eating right out of your hand,
Driving Saint Peter's chariot, kicking up gold dust all over heaven.
Chances are, you've already asked to blow Gabrielle's horn,
Always wanting to try your wings, do things you'd never done before.
You know I'm hurting, but one consolation I've found,
When you left me last Thursday, I had no doubt,
You were smiling and "Heaven Bound."
You know that I loved you like no other,
"Little Jasper" ~ God's newest Angel ~ My little Brother.

In Loving Memory of: Jasper Wayne Burns
March 16, 1983~ February 11, 1999
Dedicated to his sister: Michelle LeAnn Burns
Written by Martha Anne Holt-Nichols
February 11, 1999

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