Touch me with your cursor while you are listening to the song and you will feel 'The Sound of Silence.'
Did you ever find yourself wondering ~ what's wrong with our human race
When her child died so suddenly ~ no one dared to look in her face
Some call it grief and sorrow ~ but words can't describe what she feels inside
One year is usually the norm ~ to grieve and get over her child

If mankind would look at this differently ~ I'm sure we would all agree
Taking her child so early ~ was not how it was suppose to be
The broken heart she suffers ~ this world only gives a few days
Once the funeral is over ~ everyone goes back to their normal ways

She tries to talk of her child ~ but some just walk away
It's very rude and insensitive ~ even though she's in their prayer's each day
Unless your own child dies ~ and you're part of her silent club
I hope you don't find out the hard way ~ what grieving Mothers have found

Some still don't understand ~ her child is still just that
He's not here in the physical sense ~ but he's still her child just the same
To act like this never happened ~ to never again say his name
Is the biggest injustice to her ~ won't you please acknowledge her pain

The suffering is almost unbearable ~ not one minute does she get a break
She misses her child so much ~ it's sometimes too hard to take
The next time you see her down ~ and you don't know what else to say
Just do her one big favor ~ please don't look away

It's not a contagious disease ~ she won't fall apart and break
She just needs to hear her child's name ~ is that too much to ask for Heavens sake
Grief isn't something to be ashamed of ~ it happens everywhere
You can't pretend it doesn't ~ this might be your own child someday

The only satisfaction is knowing ~ he's in a better place
He's not down here in the trenches ~ awaiting for Judgment Day
He's already made it to Heaven ~ he just took a faster way
It gives her some small comfort ~ just knowing her child is safe

He had a certain quality ~ even Heaven couldn't be without
Everyone that knew and loved him ~ knows that without a doubt
The next time you see his Mother ~ don't ask if she's feeling better
Just know that she's Suffering in Silence ~ because that's what's expected of her

Remember when you see her sad eyes ~ it's a part of her child looking in
He's asking for your kindness ~ and to help his Mom through her pain
If you try to look even closer ~ you might even see his grin
But please don't wait too long ~ you may not get that chance again

Whenever she comes upon you  ~ don't run away and hide
Even though her heart is broken ~ she's still the same person inside
When it comes your time to Suffer in Silence ~ I hope you'll remember my words
You won't be alone out there ~  for this is a very popular club

I'll close these words by saying ~ I never meant any harm
I just want those to know for certain ~ Suffering in Silence is totally absurd

In memory of my son, Jasper Wayne Burns
Written on June 3, 2000
Summertime without our Jasper

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