Rest Sweet Jasper Rest ~ your time on earth is done
My heart is still aching for you ~ oh my precious son
I know you filled many hearts ~ with your happy and joyful ways
It still doesn't make life easier ~ even on the best of days
Many said, "Life was your friend" ~ I know that to be true
I still can't find a way ~ to live my life without you
I'm trying to make myself believe ~ you're the luckiest one of all
You'll celebrate the birthday of Christ in person ~ I know you'll have a ball
Having you for a son ~ was the best thing that could ever happen to me
Giving you back to the Lord ~ was the sacrifice I've not yet able to see
Knowing there is a reason ~ for everything we do
Doesn't make life easier ~ to be left on earth without you
Jasper, my youngest son ~ I don't know quite how to say
I can feel your presence with me ~ each and every day
It's something that's unexplainable ~ only a Mother can feel
You were blessed with so much happiness ~ every minute spent with you was a thrill
I know your many friends miss you ~ I can see it in their eyes
I gave them buffalo necklaces to wear ~ to keep your memory alive
I know you were the best of friends ~ for you were my best friend too
I still don't understand ~ why this had to happen to you
I wish there were more like you ~ life would be so much easier
The hate would eventually cease to exist ~ everyone would be friends with each other
I don't know how to say this ~ only you would understand
I wasn't ready to give you up ~ you life had just began

I'm sitting here by the fire
Thinking about the year that has gone by without you
This has been the hardest year of my life
Something I never thought I would have to do

The pain and heartache I've had to deal with ~ the gossip and the stares
Are just drops in the bucket ~ from the pain of not having you here
I've done what I know you would have ~ wanted for me to do
I've held my head up high and proud ~ just like I taught you too
I sometimes feel guilty ~ for not keeping a better eye on you
But many of your friends have told me ~ they think I did what was best
I wouldn't change the way I raised you ~ I don't think life is a test
For Jasper you were always a free spirit ~ not like all the rest

So rest sweet Jasper rest ~ although I want you here with me
I'm still not ready to give you up ~ but God has set you free
You're free from all the heartache here ~ the unhappiness & the pain
Your free to spread your joy in Heaven ~ Maybe that was in God's plan
I would never stand in the way of your happiness
I've always wanted what was best for you
So please God give me the strength
To let me know your plan went through
So rest sweet Jasper rest
Your time on earth is done
You'll always be my greatest joy
You'll always be my son
Written by Susie Cross
August, 1999
My first poem
Jasper, we miss you