It was a peaceful Wednesday night
My life seemed to be just fine
I went to bed as usual
Nothing special on my mind
The doorbell woke me up
Whomever could that be
It was probably my daughter, Michelle
She must have forgotten her key
The police were at my door
They were looking at me strange
I didn't know it then
My entire life would soon be changed
I politely invited them in
I must have looked very puzzled
What could be so very urgent
So early in the morning
I soon found out the answer
But I didn't want to know
My youngest son,  my Jasper
Had died an hour ago
My mind went totally blank
My broken heart stopped beating
I couldn't comprehend
What was their hurtful meaning
Oh, by the way, they said
Do you have a daughter
A girl we can't identify
Lost her life along with Jasper
It was at that very moment
I lost my gentle spirit
How could this happen to my son
He had just began his living
My screams were strangely silent
As pain ran deeply through my soul
My whole life suddenly changed
In the matter of a second or so

I hurriedly looked in his room
Hoping to see him sleeping
But what I actually saw was
His room was eerily empty

There's not any actual words
In our vast English language
That can even begin to describe
The feelings running deep within me
Some can call it grief
Some can call it pain
I call it something
That can't even be explained
You could stick a knife straight through my heart
It wouldn't hurt as bad
And slowly watch my eyes lose their sparkle
As my soul begged for a miracle
The miracle didn't happen
The ghastly deed was done
A drunk driver carelessly thought
He could play God with my fifteen year old son
It's been almost 20 months
Since I've hugged my precious Jasper
His room is still so silent
So is his incredible infectious laughter
I've met a lot of parents
Who've had to keep their grief buried inside
Don't judge us too harshly
Please allow us to speak of our Heavenly Child
Remember that your own child
Can be taken just as quickly
If you ever feel the need
Please don't hesitate to comfort me
I'll take this time to tell you
Our pain is very real
We never will get over it
They'll be our children still
If you wondered what happened to my daughter
God did spare her life
She was sleeping at a friend's house
I thank my Heavenly Father for that
Dedicated to grieving parents of children who have died before their time
Please know our pain will never end until we see our children again
In memory of my son Jasper and his friend Misty
Written with love and heartbreak on October 14, 2000
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