We're having a party, Mom ~ everyone is invited from far and from wide
They put me in charge ~ they know how I love to have a good time
Since I have the last say so ~ I'm inviting lots of friends
I have so many, Mom ~ some are even famous
I won't list everybody ~ but here are a few
Of course there'll be Misty ~ and my new friend Josh too
I'm inviting my friend Michelle ~ She's looking so good
You know how I am, Mom ~ always scouting out the room
Our party will include Jerry Garcia ~ from the band "Grateful Dead"
I can't leave out Elvis ~ for my older friends instead
To all those parents reading this ~ who are feeling so sad
I want you to know ~ up here, it ain't all that bad
We hope to enlighten you ~ we're here by our faith
And really quite lucky ~ some chose to go the other way
We're having a great time, Mom ~ and wish ya'll were here
But don't get me wrong ~ you have nothing to fear
This party we're having ~ is to celebrate our new lives
The years spent on earth ~ was always a question of time
Our time ran out quickly ~ for some it was only a few days
We're now in eternity ~ where forever we'll stay
There's no sickness among us ~ nor hate or even fear
Our Heavenly home is so happy ~ we never shed a tear
Please think about us ~ while we're having a great time
We'll save a place for you ~ up here on Cloud 99
Don't be in a hurry ~ your loved ones need you now
God promised us this party ~ if we'd be patient somehow
If you want your loved one in Heaven ~ to get in on the fun
Please email my mom ~ all the necessary information
Won't you include a nice picture ~ hopefully one with a smile
Cause here at our party ~ no frowns are allowed
One last thing, Mom ~ before I get back to my friends
Your son hasn't done half bad ~ up here in Heaven

P.S. Our party will be loud, we've upgraded the band.  When you hear our favorite music "look up,  think of us, and smile."

Written by Susie Cross
January, 2002
Jasper Lives On

Song playing is "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money
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