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~ A Message of Love ~
From Jasper Burns

You know I was there with you only for a little while,
Your love and friendship always made me smile.
Within your world ~ I hope I've left some good memories,
When you hear another's laughter, please remember me.
I left behind a lot of plans and dreams,
A fast running truck and a good looking Queen.
I hope you find them and a few dreams of your own,
Please, don't give up on life, just because I'm gone.
Treat each day as a gift ~ Live an extra measure,
Do that in memory of me and as a tribute to my Mother.
When you're dreaming of tomorrow, don't forget eternity.
That's  when, some bright day, you're going to see me.
My prayer for each of you is that you hasten,
To heed the teachings of your teachers, pastor and parents,
So that one day you will see the wondrous beauty of Heaven.
As you think of me, you won't need to travel Cliff Drive,
Just lift up your eyes to God's beautiful sky.
I know you can see my smiling face,
Where I am cradled in Jesus warm embrace.
Follow His word ~ Daily do His will
I am waiting for you ~ I love you still.

Birthday Message from: Jasper Wayne Burns
March 16, 1983 ~ February 11, 1999
By: Martha Anne Holt~Nichols
March 16, 1999

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