This site is dedicated to Jasper, his family and friends on earth, plus his many new friends in Heaven.  His short time with us was filled with love and laughter.  His death has filled us with hurt and despair.  I hope he will find his way into your heart, as he did mine.  Jasper's favorite times on earth was with his friends, wearing his tie-dyed tee shirts and listening to 70's music.  Please be ready to have him rock and roll his way into your hearts.  God bless you all. Jasper, I miss you!
Please meet my son Jasper.  He was tragically killed by a drunk driver at the age of 15.  Inside these pages you may experience feelings of life, death, tears, grief, sadness, laughter, happiness, new beginnings and eventually a new understanding and realization of what it means to lose a child.  You are invited to walk with me through my journey of grief.  You might want to get a cup of coffee and a kleenex, as my journey takes many twists and turns, not unlike a roller coaster ride.  I never did like roller coasters. I pray you will be able to leave Jasper's site with a new hope that together we can make life better for anyone that has lost a loved one to death, no matter what the circumstances.  Please walk softly through Jasper's pages. They hold torn pieces of my heart.


Earth's Lessons Began March 16th, 1983
Heavenly Journey Began February 11th, 1999

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The Knock On My Front Door
Jasper, He Wrapped His Heart Around Her Finger (This poem was read at Jasper's funeral)
My Victim Impact Statement
Mr. Brian's Victim Impact Statement
I Never Got To Say Goodbye
Was That Bottle of Tequila Worth It?
A Poem to Tommie, the Drunk Driver
Look Into My Eyes Before You Drink & Drive
1st Year Eulogy ~ Drinking & Driving Campaign
It's Been Two Long Empty Years
Jasper's 2nd Year In Heaven
Please Let Me Go Mom
Jasper's 3rd Year In Heaven
A Message of Love From Jasper

Rest Sweet Jasper Rest
Mom, I'm Not Coming Home
Today Is My Birthday, You've Missed It Again
Jasper's Big Day
Baby Jasper, A New Beginning
Jasper, Little Brother of Mine
A Conversation With Jasper & His Mom
I Know How You Feel
Suffering In Silence
Graduation Day Finally Came

Cloud 99
We're Having a Party, Mom
Meet Jasper's Friends In Heaven
The Baby Party Cloud
Jasper & Michelle Babysitting In Heaven
Cloud 34
The Party Continues with Jasper's Newest Friends
If I Could Bring Back Yesterday
Lessons Learned
1 year and 4 months
A Quick Glimpse
Tell a friend about this page
Don't Look Back (A poem for Jasper)
Life Was My Friend  (Jasper's Song)
By Michael Peace 
My Life Went On      NEW
(Four Years After)
My Life Went On 
(Four Years After)