Graduation Day finally came
Years of studying, so much to gain
We're all so proud of what you've done
First grade was full of wonder and fun
Second grade you had it all
You loved school and had a ball
Third grade was a little tough
Learning all that multiplication and stuff
Fourth grade was a little better
Fifth grade was so much harder
Sixth grade you were still the leader
On the verge of manhood
But still needed your Mother
Seventh grade was a whole lot different
Confusing for you with lots of studying
Eight grade was at International Academy
Lavaca School just wasn't as challenging
Ninth grade turned into harder paces
Tenth grade you traveled a lot of places
I got a glimpse of the man you'd become
Reaching the height you've always dreamed of
You finally grew taller than Mom
Eleventh grade was a complete disaster
A drunk driver took away all your laughter
Your best friends were now your pallbearers
They'll be with you now and forever
Able to graduate with Stephanie and Nick
They still love you Jasper even though your not here
Your friends honored you with a standing ovation
Received your diploma 12th of May, 2000
It was something special you weren't able to share
Hope for your future was just not there
We're all so proud of how hard you strived
Came easy for you, but you were deprived
Angels have now become your teachers
I always knew you were a true believer
I only know the pain I feel
By not having you here with me
Your plans and dreams are only that
You didn't get the chance to carry them out
Goodbye for now, but not for long
I'll see you in Heaven my precious son

Dedicated to my youngest son, Jasper
Posthumously graduated High School on May 12, 2000
"May your smile live always in our hearts"
Written on May 30, 2000
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