It was Thursday, February 11, in the early morning of 1999
An Angel came from Heaven, to talk with a precious son of mine
She said she was there to help him, to be fearless and be brave
God had suddenly called him home, to be with him again

Jasper had a lot of questions, I know of that for certain
He was just as surprised as any of us, to be taken away so early
I can see him looking in her eyes, with his blue eyes that always twinkled
The sweet smile appearing on his lips, that would always be our Jasper's
I'm sure the brilliant bright lights surrounding them, resembled headlights from the sky
They weren't the kind from a Chevy truck, they must have been so much brighter
I can almost hear Jasper say out loud, "Hey wait, can I say goodbye to my family and friends
I've always made sure they knew I loved them, before I went out anywhere"

"It was one of the little things I did, to show them I really cared
I had so much love stored in my heart, I always wanted it shared
Please let me stay for a little while longer, to tie up some loose ends
I may only be fifteen years old, but I have a lot of family and friends"
"I know this will surprise them, they'll be hurt and they'll be sad
I don't want them to see me gone, but remember all the good times we had
You see, I don't want to hurt anyone,they just won't understand
How does this Heavenly system work, please explain it to me again"

"What do I have to do, to talk you into staying
This always worked with my loving Mom, even when I was disobeying
I have that special gift of gab, I used it on anyone that cared to hear
That's what made me different than most, I don't give up, please lend me your ear"
"You know I appreciate the ride, the time and trouble you took to get here
I'll let you know when I'm ready to leave, I don't want to go with things left unsaid"
The radiant Angel just laughed at him, in that special angel way
She said 'goodbyes' were not allowed, he would see us another day
Goodbye is only a simple word, it doesn't really mean anything
You'll be together in Heaven, quicker than you think
To say goodbye to everyone, is not all it's cracked up to be
God is waiting for you, so please hurry up, we don't have another minute to spare

As they started their Heavenly descent, all of Jasper's troubles seem to melt away
That early morning of February 11, turned out to be his most very special day
That's the day the sky opened up, as he walked into his Father's arms
I can envision the glow engulfing him, as he was being welcomed back into the fold

As Jasper was on his wonderful journey, he noticed the gates of Heaven open wide
He even saw some of his very good friends, much to his surprise
Misty was waiting for him, how dare he make her wait
Justin must have paved the way, but maybe it was Wayland
It could have been Josh's Dad, or even his own grandparents
They welcomed him home with open arms, as they gently held and embraced him
Jasper didn't know how it happened, but he knew he was finally in Heaven
Everything suddenly fell into place, as if he'd been living there forever
The heavenly party soon started, the crowd was so ecstatic
The soothing music was playing to honor Jasper, the newest member of Heaven
Then it suddenly came to him, as Jesus gently took his hand
The peace and love bestowed upon my son, was felt from all of those around
The earthly pleasures suddenly didn't seem to matter
As Jasper embraced our Lord and felt the warmth of his gracious Savior
Heaven was where he always belonged, he knew he'd see us again later
That was God's promise, made to him earlier that day
He then had no regrets, because this was where he wanted to stay
So Jasper never got to say goodbye, we now know there was so need
He's happy and being cared for, even though he's not here with me
I wish I could have had him longer, fifteen years was not enough
But he's now with his Heavenly Father, I'm sure he's living it up
For wherever Jasper goes, he always has a good time
It's not about who you're with, but about what you feel inside
My youngest son, Jasper was one of a kind, he always knew his heart
Life was always his friend, and now he has a new start
I know he'll make the best of it, he always had that knack
He was able to take the short way home and miss all of that traffic
Be happy for our Jasper, he feels no more hurt and pain

Heaven is the lucky one, Jasper returned from where he came
We all miss him so dearly, the void won't go away
To say "Goodbye" to Jasper, would only hasten his stay
So Jasper, we all love you, and want to see you again
We'll bide our time until we're told, today is our special day
We're really kind of lucky, because we know you'll pave our way
We hope our journey will be as joyful, as we know yours must have been
You wouldn't have died with that smile on your face, if it wasn't meant to be
Written by Susie Cross
Mother's Day, May 14, 2000
My second Mother's Day without Jasper
Song playing is "Your My Inspiration" by Chicago