I thought it was you ~ as I glanced up and saw
A young good looking guy ~ in the back of that old car

I thought it was you ~ while ya'll seemed to drive by
Then you slowly stepped out  ~ I knew I was going to cry

I thought you had returned ~ and this was all a terrible dream
But then I sadly remembered ~ you had died at that tree

The young man I saw ~ was regrettably someone else
What could have I been thinking ~ how could I ever forget

I quickly turned away ~ because he had me sadly thinking
He looked so much like you son ~ I couldn't even face him

But he walked into the office ~ so you know I had to look
I mistakenly thought I could handle this ~ but all the while I shook

He had your beautiful blonde hair ~ he had your handsome profile
He wore his clothes a little baggy ~ he must have had your style

I guess he was your height son ~ but then I'll never know
How tall you might have been ~ you didn't get the chance to grow

As he sat down in front of me ~ I noticed right away
He might have been your age ~ if you had been allowed to stay

My scattered mind started wondering ~ my heart skipped a lonely beat
My tearful eyes started burning ~ what would that cute kid think

I then knew very quickly ~ this was something I couldn't endure
Just looking at that young man ~ had hurt me to the core

I jumped up from the front desk ~ as I hurried to the door
I couldn't look upon him ~ without shouting  "please, no more"

My own son should have been here ~ it's all been so unfair
Why do some kids have to die ~ why do other kids get spared

I ran into the next room ~ with hot tears upon my face
Whoever said life gets easier ~ must have been mistaken

As I sat down in the nearest chair ~ hoping he would quickly leave
I couldn't stop my own tears ~ I couldn't hide my grief

My broken heart was racing ~ my soul was in despair
My buried feelings resurfaced ~ I wanted my son here

But you didn't come back Jasper ~ and the kid, he finally left
As I walked back to the front desk ~ I felt oh so bereft

The happiness I felt earlier ~ just thinking you were here
Was taken away so quickly ~ within the first drop of my tears

I wanted to feel you near me ~ like I had earlier that day
I wanted him to be you ~ more than I could say

I didn't know his mother ~ I didn't know his name
But whose ever kid he was ~ I want to thank him just the same

I want to thank him for allowing me ~ to believe for a moment or so
That you were still here with me ~ and you were still so very whole

I want to thank him for allowing me ~ to get just one quick glimpse
Of the man you might have become ~ if you'd gotten half the chance

And last of all I want to thank him ~ for showing up when he did
Allowing me some brief happiness ~ even though it was only for a minute

Three years has come and gone son ~ and your still not here with me
But I'll never give up hope ~ because we'll be together in eternity

I love you son
Written by Susie Cross
August 2, 2002

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