I know how you feel ~ I've been there before
This road you must travel ~ begins deep within your soul
The moment you have dreaded ~ has painfully arrived
Your child died before you ~ what's left but your pride
You had such high hopes ~ your life is now changed
You'll ask yourself why ~ over and over again
You may find the answers ~ search deep within your heart
I know as a Mother ~ we shouldn't have had to part
The first hour is excruciating ~ this just can't be true
The first days are heart wrenching ~ I hope you'll get through
The first weeks you imagine ~ is this all a bad dream
The first months go by ~ why did this happen to me
The first year he's gone ~ will be a nightmare
The lonely years after that ~ only time will tell
His bedroom you go to ~ for comfort and relief
Is never the same ~ it feels so alone and empty
Your loved ones are near you ~ they're trying to console
Your heart feels ripped out ~ and so does your soul
I know how you feel ~ my son died at fifteen
He left without notice ~ a drunk driver is to blame
I don't really know ~ if his life could have been saved
Is life one big destiny ~ or are we pre-destined for pain
Mere words will not comfort you ~ when your child isn't here
I can only lend you my shoulder ~ with plenty of tears
I won't look away ~ I won't hide my eyes
I'll share my grief with you ~ if only you'll confide
Please let me help you ~ to work through your pain
Our children brought us together ~ we have everything to gain
This is our child's way ~ of taking care of their Moms
They gave us this time ~ to share and to bond
Your grief won't be easy ~ your child's worth the pain
They had a lot to live for ~ life was precious to them
We must keep our strength up ~ even though their not here
The only comfort we get ~ is knowing their in God's care
Remember this one thing ~ you're not alone
I've traveled this lonely road ~ with a long way to go
Your pain is my pain ~ our hearts can mend together
Our child now lives in Heaven ~ they have lead us to each other

Dedicated to my son, Jasper
Written on July 31, 2000
I miss you son

Song Playing is "You've Got A Friend" by James Taylor