Place cursor on me to see what Drinking & Driving can do to a friendship.
Look into my eyes ~ before you drink and drive
If it wasn't for a drunk driver ~ I'd still be alive
I was only fifteen years old ~ way too young to part
My life was in his hands ~ he wasn't very smart

Mom is trying to forgive ~ she has a heart of gold
She still doesn't understand ~ why I wasn't able to grow old
I'm not there to give her comfort ~ my life was carelessly tossed away
At least we're watching over her ~ I'm a friend of her Guardian Angel

Heaven is so awesome ~ way beyond belief
We don't have a curfew ~ we sure don't need to drink
We're all equal here ~ everyone is loved
Our faith is how we got here ~ it wasn't a mistake

Please don't get me wrong ~ what he did was not intentional
I still was killed the same ~ try telling that to my Mother
She truly loves and misses me ~ but still her heart is broken
I hug her everyday ~ she just can't seem to feel it

The only way she sees me ~ is through pictures on the web
She checks them everyday ~ to get a glimpse of who I am
I'll always be fifteen ~ while he get's another birthday
I don't know the reason why ~ I think I'll ask my Father

Oh what is that you say ~ "My time on earth was done"
"Everything has a purpose ~ and a time to every purpose under Heaven"
Oh, now I understand ~ my time on earth was predestined
I learned my lessons here ~ it was time to go home to my Heavenly Father

I'm happier here in Heaven ~ than I've ever been before
I have no pain or heartache ~ Tommie has been forgiven
I know he'll have some rough times ~ but he took my life away
My Father said to forgive him ~ that is Heaven's way

Please look deeper into my blue eyes
You'll still see my laughter and my smile
I'm with my heavenly friends now ~ Keith, Bobby and even Julia Caren
I'm able to visit my relatives ~ especially my grandparents

Because I left this earth ~ doesn't mean I'm really missing
It only means my young body ~ is now my Heavenly Spirit
My true spirit was always with me ~ that's what made me who I am
If you truly loved me then ~ you'll love me now more than ever

In respect for my Mom ~ please do me a favor
Don't Drink & Drive ~ for one day that might be you in that casket
You might be better off ~ I'm not the one to judge
That's not my decision ~ God can only say

If you choose to drink and drive ~ just remember one last thing
I might see you in Heaven ~ or you might go the other way
There are no guarantees ~ down there on your earth
The life you take the next time ~ may just be your own

In memory of my son Jasper
Written on a rainy day, June 19, 2000
Jasper Lives On

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