Song playing is "Don't Look Back" by Boston
Don't look back my dear sweet Jasper
What you'll see if you turn around
Is an empty shell of a young man
A young man who never seemed to frown

Don't look back my trusting pal
My car twisted around that tree
Was the vehicle that you tragically died in
It can now no longer speed

Don't look back my mischievous brother
There's nothing here you need to see
Our mom still sometimes hides her tears
So we won't have to witness her grief

Don't look back our best of friend
Our world suddenly seems so empty
The cheerfulness you spread to your friends around
Will be remembered throughout eternity

Don't look back my caring Uncle Jasper
Your sister is taking good care of me
Cause she knows you'll be very busy
Just doing whatever you please

Don't look back my adventurous grandson
For we know you had good intentions
Your grandparents are still keeping on
Always know we will love you forever

Don't look back my good looking nephew
Your aunts and uncle miss you so much
We hold onto our own children just a little tighter
We don't want to let them go just yet

Don't look back my youngest son
For you tried to keep the peace
There are some things in this mixed up world
That won't change no matter how hard it seemed

Don't look back my joyful one
It seems the good, they die so young
Even though we still feel your presence
We know you're with God's son

Don't look back my Heavenly Child
For you there is no need
Your worries have all been taken away
You are now in Heaven above

Look ahead to your heavenly journey
There is much you'll have to learn
Look ahead to what God has offered you
Go in peace for we'll see you soon

Until we meet again sweet Jasper
Please know we'll never forget that day
The day you went to Heaven
Don't look back, look forward to your stay

I'll always miss you son
Written by Susie Cross
June 21, 2002
Jasper Lives On

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