He Wrapped Her Heart Around His Finger
From the moment of his birth
God opened up his mother's arms
Her new baby filled them with joy and mirth
Then he opened her heart
Her little boy stole it
He opened her mind
That child captured it, bit by bit
When he opened her eyes
They were filled with his vision
God opened her mouth ~ She sang his praises and rejoiced
When he opened her ears ~ She heard his voice
Little Jasper had a way of walking into your heart
But somehow, he never walked out
So it was with his Mother
He wrapped her heart around his finger
He has it there yet
He was the son every Mother dreams of ~ he was the best
She gave him all the love she had
Then God opened the doors to Heaven
Jasper walked in
Because that was God's plan
He only sent him to her for a while
To spread happiness wherever he went
When he had carried out God's mission
She had to let him go ~ He will forever live within her heart
She will ever cherish his memory & treasure his short presence
He met his Mother's and God's every measure
"His name was Jasper"

A Loving Tribute to Jasper Wayne Burns
Written for his Mother: Susie Cross
By: Martha Anne Holt-Nichols
February 11, 1999
This poem was read at Jaspers funeral

Song playing is "If There Hadn't Been You" by Billy Dean
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