A Conversation with Jasper & his Mom
Mom said, "I miss you son"
Jasper said, "My work on earth was done, I had lots of fun"

Mom said, "What about those left behind"
Jasper said, "Nothing has changed, I'll always be your son"

Mom said, "How can I go on"
Jasper said, "You'll do just fine, God promised before he took me home"

Mom said, "You didn't live a full life"
Jasper said, "I lived more than most"

Mom said, "I miss your laughter"
Jasper said, "My laughter is still around, just listen to Baby Jasper's"

Mom said, "I feel I let you down"
Jasper said, "Did you ever see me frown"

Mom said, "You were much too young to die"
Jasper said, "Mom, it was my time"

Mom said, "I wasn't by your side"
Jasper said, "You were with me the entire time"

Mom said, "I can't seem to forgive"
Jasper said, "I certainly did"

Mom said, "I can't feel your sweet breath on me"
Jasper said, "Yes you can, just feel the cool breeze"

Mom said, "I didn't get to say goodbye"
Jasper said, "There wasn't a reason why"

Mom said, "When will I see you again"
Jasper said, "Don't be in such a hurry, your time hasn't yet come"

Mom said, "But why you"
Jasper said, "God will tell you soon"

Mom said, "Are you happy son"
Jasper said, "More than I ever was on earth"

Mom said, "My heart is torn in pieces"
Jasper said, "Greg is there to help you put it back together"

Mom said, "I'll never be the same"
Jasper said, "Your much stronger today"

Mom said, "I didn't want to learn this way"
Jasper said, "God works in his own mysterious ways"

Mom said, "Were you born, just to be taken away"
Jasper said, "Mom, you can't look at it that way"

Mom said, "What was my purpose on earth"
Jasper said, "You fulfilled one, you gave me birth"

Mom said, "When will I see you again"
Jasper said, "Just think of me and I'll always be there"

Written for my son Jasper
By Susie Cross
June 2000

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