Was that bottle of tequila worth it, on that warm February night
Who gave you the power, who gave you the right
Jasper trusted in you Tommie, to get him safely back at home
All he got for his trust was your little red Fiero thrust directly through his heart
As my son lay in your crushed car, fighting for his last sweet ounce of breath
Did you once think about him as they were administering your alcohol blood test
Jasper was only fifteen, he just wanted to hang out
He didn't yet know what life was all about
He found out the hard way, the hardest way there is
You took my son away from me Tommie, I'm trying to forgive
Tommie, Russ and Cary, I wished I'd never heard of you
You played a part in the death of my son, we know that fact is true
You can plead your case to the courts, you can hide behind the law
But we all know what happened on that warm February night
You bought liquor for our children, but you didn't kill them all
The drunk driver who drank that liquor is still left on this earth
No one knows why his life was spared, only God knows the complete truth
I'll agree these laws in Arkansas desperately need to be changed
But it's too late for my precious son Jasper, he's forever cold and alone in his grave
How can the court let you Tommie, the drunk driver, get by with just 30 days
Oh Tommie what were you thinking, drinking Tequila and getting behind the wheel
Did you once stop to remember that my child looked up to you
He didn't think you would be so thoughtless as to kill
Are your dreams turned into nightmares, can you still see Jasper's face
All twisted up with terror, as he held onto the dashboard while you were racing that death race
Who gave you the right to take my Jaspers life into your hands
I never got the chance to say goodbye, I'll never see his smiling face again
Jasper thought of you as a friend, he even took up for you when other's called you "Nerd"
Little did he know that you would later take his life
With the help from a bottle of tequila on that warm February night
He didn't know any better, I raised him to be everybody's friend
Maybe I was wrong in doing that, because he trusted you until the end
So Tommie was that bottle of tequila worth that much to you
It wasn't worth it to Jasper, he trusted you through and through
You took his life for granted as you took away his rights
Jasper's hands were pried off your dashboard, while he was fighting for his life
Was that bottle of tequila worth it, do you yet feel any remorse
I can still see you laughing while we were sitting there in court
I couldn't see what was funny, you took Jaspers life away
I won't see him again until Judgement Day
That's the day I hope you will be able to finally see the light
You'll have to tell Jasper why you carelessly took his life
You'll explain to our Savior the where's, the when's, the why's
I don't think you'll still be laughing, maybe then he'll get a fair trial
You have a second chance Tommie, one that Jasper didn't have
I hope you don't kill anyone else, I have my doubts about that
So Tommie while your drinking, please don't get behind that wheel
I still have my family here, I don't want to see them killed
You won't get another chance like this, it's once in a lifetime deal
The next time that this happens, I believe you'll go straight to hell
I'll end this poem with a sad note, I think Jasper would have wanted me to say
"Please don't drink & drive because it took my life away"

Written by Susie Cross
December 24, 1999
With heartache and pain
Jasper Lives On