The day before Valentines Day ~ should have been great
Jasper's many friends were there ~ to celebrate
There were so many girls ~ he must have been grinning
And dozens of dudes ~ they wouldn't miss this for nothing
He was given lots of flowers ~ even some roses
Valentines Day was near ~ just around the corner
He finally got his own ride ~ to call all his own
It was his favorite blue color ~ with plenty of chrome
It was such a surprise ~ bought on the spur of the moment
We paid cash up front ~ we didn't even look it over
It wasn't a Chevy ~ but the title was clear
Registered in his name ~ it came oh so dear
His friends all stood by him ~ they remembered the good times
While his loved ones gathered ~ he was the talk of our hometown
The room was overfilled ~ a few stood outside
If the fire inspectors were there ~ we would have been out of compliance
There were all kinds of people ~ from far and wide
Jasper was surely filled ~ with all kinds of pride
This gathering was for Jasper ~ this was Jasper's Big Day
Mr. Brian spoke about him ~ he had his 15 minutes of fame
My son was the center of attention ~ there was no doubt
It was so crowded in there ~ many had to shout
We had lots of food ~ all of his favorite dishes
There was a lot to go around ~ it looked like Thanksgiving
So your asking yourself ~ what more can there be
Jasper had his friends ~ and family to see
They all got along ~ not a bad word was said
We even went for a ride ~ on that country road ahead
The only thing missing ~ was Jasper himself
A drunk driver killed him ~ he was then pronounced dead
We buried him on Saturday ~ February 13th
Our Valentine's Day ~ is forever extinct
That vehicle of his ~ was his brand new blue casket
The country road we drove ~ was his last destination
His buddies gathered round ~ were his very own pallbearers
The kids that congregated ~ were his best friends forever
They all loved him dearly ~ even past the end
Mr. Brian spoke his eulogy ~ was a very good friend
It was an occasion alright ~ this was Jasper's Big Day
He was suddenly laid to rest ~ underneath that hard clay
Valentine's Day ~ will be Jasper's forever
He'd still be alive ~ if it wasn't for that reckless drunk driver

Dedicated to my son
Jasper Wayne Burns
Written by Susie Cross
July 15, 2000
Jasper Lives On

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