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Baby Jasper
"A New Beginning"

You were born when I needed a friend
I heard about you way before then
You were the miracle sent from Heaven above
There is no doubt, you'll always be loved

God picked you as my special gift
I was in need of his famous miracle
You were the miracle I needed so badly
Sweet, sweet Baby Jasper

You're not even one year old
But you have the makings of a fine young man
You were blessed with that famous Jasper twinkle
And even that famous Jasper grin

There is nothing in this world
That could take the place of your uncle
You surely would have done him proud
He's now friends with your Guardian Angel

I think your the biggest key
In this place that I call home
If it wasn't for your sweet, playful presence
I would have given up long ago

Your mother is truly wonderful
She's my favorite daughter indeed
This gift that she has given to me
Has fulfilled all my special needs

I was worried about you in the beginning
How could you survive in this crazy world
But God gave you a special mother who loves you
She spoils you and your certainly adored

You're a very lucky baby
Though you don't even know it yet
Our love will see you through
With a little help from Grandma Susie and Poppa Greg

So sweet, sweet Baby Jasper
You will always be special to me
You're the grandson that saved my life
You gave me hope and peace

Written for my grandson "Baby Jasper"
With special love
August 1, 2000

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