Song playing is "Cherish" by Kool & the Gang
Mothers and Dads everywhere
Michelle and I want ya'll to know
We would love to babysit your babies
Up in Heaven, we have quite a few
We know they need their rest
A lot more than me and you
We'll keep this party quiet
In case they want to sleep
Their all so very beautiful
Won't you please try not to weep
Your sweet babies are in such gentle hands
Our Lord made sure of that
This special party is for them
Here on The Baby Party Cloud
Please try not to worry
Because we're all having such a great time
We  promise to love and cherish them
Until they're back in your arms again

Written by Susie Cross
With correspondance from Elaine Tassara
February, 2002
Jasper Lives On

Note:  Your Child in Heaven age 12 and under are invited to join Jasper's Party In Heaven. Please email me a picture or website address and I will be happy to include them in the party. If a picture is unavailable, I will add their name.

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Angelique's Baby Daughter and Baby Son
Ryan is partying  with his three siblings.  His Mom calls them her "Sunshine Babies."

Kyle Lee Sabo (Hickle)
Toby James Edwards

Ethan Hall ~ Owen's Brother
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