Please let me go Mom ~ My spirit's now free
I know you don't like it ~ that's the way it's gotta be

Three years is enough time ~ to get used to my death
You won't understand, Mom ~ this is my true happiness

Your world is not my world ~ I'm sorry to say
My new home's in Heaven ~ but my names still the same

My hair is still blonde ~ my eyes are still blue
My smile is intact ~ it's a beautiful hue

I'm still your youngest son Mom ~ even though you protest 
God wanted me back ~ to relax and to rest

I've rested a lot Mom ~ I've watched over you
But now it's my time Mom ~ my heavenly duties are due

My friends who are Angels ~ are calling me names
They jokingly say ~ to get over my fame

My time has now come ~ I've got lots to do
They say Heavenly chores ~ are waiting on you

But Mom, I'm so happy ~ I'm being sincere
These people who are with me ~ are oh so very dear

They say keep my room clean ~ I have to share it you know
September 11th ~ has taken it's toll

I'm not the newcomer ~ or new kid on the block
Michael our Angel  ~ is prodding me on

So please Mom, I beg you ~ get on with your life
Your purpose on earth ~ will get clearer with time

I'll make this last promise ~ tell my family and friends
I'll see everybody soon ~ cause it's almost the end

Ya'll don't get excited ~ I was just fooling around
See Mom, your son hasn't changed ~ I can still joke with my friends

Goodbye Mom, but not forever ~ I'll be in your heart
Remember me always ~ from your kid with the brand new start

Written for my loving son, Jasper
Departed almost three years from this earth, but never from my heart
Earths loss is Heavens gain
January  2002
Jasper Lives On

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