Dear Jasper
It's been two long empty years ~ since you've suddenly gone away
I've learned a lot of lessons ~ down my grief's lonely pathway
Some days it seems forever ~ since I've seen your smiling face
And then again the time ~ seems to stay at this standstill place
I remember the last time I saw you ~ eating breakfast at the bar
It was always that bowl of cereal ~ no matter how old you were
Little did I know ~ that would be the last time I'd see you alive
That" Bye Mom, I Love You" ~ would have to last for my entire lifetime
I've learned a lot, my precious son ~ on this journey I am forced to bare
This silent club I'm in ~ doesn't seem to want or care
Those who haven't lost a child ~ want to help, I know they do
Their words are still so meaningless ~ they still don't have a clue
When I finally talked about you ~ some thought I'd committed a sin
They looked straight past my sad green eyes ~ like I'd done a bad thing to them
How dare I talk about you ~ because you were "oh so dead"
They wanted me to listen  ~ while they talked about their living children instead
His son got into little league ~ her granddaughter made the band
Their daughter was getting married ~ will you please listen, my friend
They can't return the favor ~ they don't seem to care at all
Why won't they understand ~ you've accomplished the greatest task of all
You made it into Heaven ~ you did it with some style
I wasn't quite ready to give you up ~ but God wanted you back for awhile
I'm proud of your Heavenly accomplishment  ~ I'm proud to call you "Son"
I know you would never hurt me ~ I truly understand now, God wanted you Home
People go to church each Sunday ~ to learn about the Lord
But you are learning from him firsthand, Son  ~ there was no better way to go
So why am I forced to keep secrets  ~ why can't I talk about your life
You'll always be my son ~ nothing will ever erase that
Two years has come and gone ~ you're still my true hero
You've never left my heart ~ tears still wet my pillow
I'll try to educate these folks ~ who say to "get on with my life"
My life will be with you in Heaven ~ it's only a matter of time
Jasper my beloved son ~ you've taught me many lessons
Even though your body is resting ~ your very much alive in Heaven

Dedicated to my son
Jasper Wayne Burns
Living in Heaven
February 07, 2001
Gone two years from earth but not from my heart

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